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The Färnebofjärden national park


The Färnebofjärden national park is part of the Nedre Dalälven region, a unique stretch of the river where lakes, rapids, wetlands and woods form a mosaic. This is the biological boundary to Northern Sweden – limes norrlandicus – with a curious combination of southern and northern flora. As part of a uniformly flat region, the characteristics of the park

are extremely beautiful and offer plenty of opportunities to experience nature first-hand.



Coniferous forests and northern swamplands cover the southern part of the national park. Dead trees remain standing, reinforcing the impression of untouched wilderness.


In drier areas, parts of the pine forest are quite old, and appear increasingly wild.

The northern part of the park has richer vegetation, with quite a bit of hardwood deciduous trees, primarily oak and linden.


Many lakes and islands throughout the area are edged with aspen groves and birch and alder fens, framing the water with rich greenery.


Near the Färnebofjärden bay, natural meadows also occur like nowhere else in Sweden. Both the deciduous forests and the meadows are the result of periodic flooding. 

Travel tips

It’s easiest to get to the national park from turnoffs from road 67, leading to Tinäset, Gysinge-Sevedskvarn and the National Park office in Östa.

To get to the look-out tower at Skekarsbo, take the turnoff just north of Tärnsjö.


National Park Administration

Västmanland County

Administrative Board

Tel. 021-19 50 00


Local office

Anna Jansson

Tel/Fax 0292-432 10

Mobil 070-521 79 23


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